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July 23, 2011

T Minus Twenty Four Hours

Whelp, I’ve been putting it off all week. I guess I should start packing now right? Just kidding! I have been procrastinating as usual, but I started procrastinating on Monday which means that I’m 3/4 done. This feat definitely could not have been even started without the immense help of my amazing mother. She is soo good at making my ADD mind focus and get things done. If she hadn’t helped me, I probably would have put all my liquids in my carry-on, been over the weight limit, etc. The best thing she did though, was make me realize that I can’t just pack clothes like I’m wearing now. I shall explain…

Currently it is 94˚F in Mooresville with a heat index of about 107˚. Guess how hot it is in Viña del Mar? Yup, it is a blazing 50˚F! So goodbye shorts and tank tops and hello pants and sweaters. The seasons are flip-flopped south of the equator which makes the time that I will be there winter to spring i.e. the hardest range to pack clothes for… The other option would be to bring scissors and turn my winter clothes into summer clothes. Plus that would leave me with a whole lot of sleeves to make leg warmers. Hello 1982!