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August 15, 2011

Hey, how about we take a 23 hour road trip in the desert?

I know what your thinking… Sounds crazy right? Maybe a little. But why not?!

This weekend I visited San Pedro de Atacama with four of my friends. Ayn, Amaury, Ben, Bryan and I took a bus 23 hours north. The views were just spectacular during the bus ride. Looking out one side of the bus we could see the waves coming in on the coastline. Peering out the other side our eyes met a never-ending line of mountains.

Our first tour in the morning was to the thermal springs of Puritama. Now this was a little hard to wrap my brain around. We were driving for about a half an hour on a bumpy bus in the middle of the desert. When the bus stopped we got out and in the distance there was a little patch of reed-like plants in the middle of the rocks and sand.

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