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April 27, 2011

Where in the world am I going?

Here is a little description of the university I will be attending. Fingers crossed that I only have class Tuesday – Thursday. Plausible? Yes. Probable? No. A girl can dream.

“The university is distributed in different campuses and university centers located in the main cities of the Valparaíso region. The region combines beautiful weather, wonderful beaches and the splendid Cordillera de Los Andes. With a population of more than one million, the region has a multicultural flavor. The city of Valparaíso is the cultural and legislative capital, and the main commercial harbor, of Chile. Seventy miles from the capital city of Chile, Santiago, Valparaíso fascinates visitors with its history, geography, and architecture.”

“The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV), founded in 1928, has established itself as one of the most prestigious, traditional higher educational institutions in Chile. The student body numbers over 14,000 students. The PUCV facilities include a modern library system, sport centers, specialized laboratories, and recreational centers. The university runs a television channel, radio station, and film storehouse.”

-ISEP Describes PUCV

April 21, 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! (Words I thought I would NEVER in a million years type…) Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elisabeth and I really hate writing. That is why I am a science person through and through. Yet here I am anyway, attempting to document my life.

Right now I am finishing up the last couple days of my “Junior” year at Butler University. I say “Junior” because next semester I will be studying abroad in Chile (the real reason for this blog) and then I’m graduating in December. So this last week of classes and finals effectively are my last days at Butler. It sounds weird to me, but I’m not feeling nostalgic at all because:

a) I’m going to be in school for what feels like the rest of my life.
b) I’m burned out.
c) Hello?! I’m going to Chile next semester!

So Chile. I have three months before I leave, which means two months of class and working, then one month of procrastinating about packing. Can’t wait. Plus, I’ll be at home which means I get to ride Spot (the horse) everyday and relax. Love summer!